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Frequently Asked Questions

The Harris Centre Suite of Research Funds Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can apply?
Any Memorial faculty, post-doctoral fellow, staff or graduate student can apply (please see fund-specific guide for undergraduate eligibility). Students, including part time and international students, and staff must have a faculty member with research privileges as a supervisor. Term teaching assignment faculty members are also eligible, but must have a faculty member with research privileges as a co-applicant.

2. How many references do I need?
We require three (3) individuals to provide academic referrals/references for your project. The referrals can be a brief recommendation that you undertake this project as part of your study or a longer recommendation of your capacity to do research in general. References may be internal to Memorial University or external. Letters from previous submissions to the Harris Centre's suite of applied research funds may be used, permitting they have been issued within the past three years

3. What if I don’t know what to write in terms of a Knowledge Mobilization plan?
We understand that it may be difficult to determine the best ways to mobilize your research and results prior to conducting the research. We do expect, however, that you briefly describe how you think you may mobilize the project. For example, the research and results may lend itself to an online project or website, or it might be more useful to mobilize findings through a meeting with specific community stakeholders. Also, if you have expertise in a specific medium such as websites or film you can indicate that. It may help if you try to answer questions such as: Who is the non-academic audience for my project? What is the best way to reach them? We can help you work out the details of how it will be mobilized once the work is completed. For help with this section, you can contact Bojan Fürst, Manager of Knowledge Mobilization: ph. 709-864-2120 or email

4. Who needs to sign the signature page?
We require signatures from: The Applicant; The Academic Supervisor (if applicable); The Head of the Department/Unit/Division (if applicable) and; The Dean of the Unit/Division. Please contact us if there are any questions or you require clarification.

5. What criteria will the selection committee use to evaluate my application?
The evaluation criteria is available on the Harris Centre website/in the fund specific guide.

6. Do I need to include a budget?
You need to include budget material in the appropriate section of the online application. The maximum total amount you may request is $15,000.

7. Does the project have to be one-year long?
We encourage funded projects to have a timeframe of one year. If you are able to complete your project in a shorter timeframe then it is acceptable to submit your final report prior to the one-year mark. Projects must begin within two (2) months of receiving award notification and end within one year.

8. When will I know if I was successful in receiving funding?
We aim to collect the applications, have the evaluation committee review them, and make award decisions within 5 weeks of the fund deadline. The Harris Centre will contact all applicants as soon as possible after the award decisions are made to let them know their status via email.